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Do you value people as your most important asset?

Do you believe that people skills are just as important as technical knowledge?
Are you ready to leverage the full power of your people to assure long-term growth and profitability?




















PerspectiveView Learning Dynamics

It's not just what we teach.

It's how we teach it.

Our Mission

PerspectiveView™ Learning Dynamics is the new perspective on training and development you've been looking for.

We make the intangible human relationship skills critical to your company's growth, tangible and meaningful to your people.

Moreover, we make these skills easily adaptable and fully applicable, one-on-one and corporate wide.


Our Relationship with Tracom

We are an authorized reseller for the Tracom Group. Tracom has developed the world's best-known interpersonal skills model for learning how to create a successful working relationship with individuals that are most important to your success. To learn more about Tracom products, click on the Social Style link to the right. To learn about Perspective View's workshop, Working Styles, click on the Workshops Tab above the Tracom link.


Breaking through the barriers that hold people back

With PerspectiveView™ Learning Dynamics, your people really listen to what others are saying, and respond to what is being said, respectfully and poignantly. They present their ideas clearly and persuasively to others, whether those "others" are coworkers, suppliers, dealers or customers. They adeptly negotiate win/win commitments and cooperation internally as well as externally. They work together much more efficiently and harmoniously with fewer conflicts.

With the help of PerspectiveView™ Workshop Facilitators, your people break through the invisible but very real barriers that impede communication and cooperation. Your minimum standards for everyday job performance move up a few big notches higher ~ to delight your customers and deny your competitors.

  • This is accomplished through story telling and interactive discussions; we reveal how human skills are mission critical to success. The mind is opened to new ways of seeing things.
  • More than a transfer of knowledge - a transformation in behavior. To become effective listeners, communicators, negotiators and facilitators, as well as effective presenters, individuals have to do more than listen to lectures and memorize sets of rules for different situations. Mastering the interpersonal skills and consistently applying them every day means breaking old habits and adapting new patterns of behavior. That's what Learning Dynamics is all about, and that's what separates PerspectiveView from conventional training and development consultants.


Our Trainers

The people from PerspectiveView who lead our workshops not only have outstanding credentials in adult education; they also have professional business experience gained by working in management positions at leading companies. We understand the kind of challenges and frustrations your people experience every day. And this empathy makes a big difference from the very moment these workshops begin.


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