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We are well known in the Cleveland, Ohio area by many fortune 1000 companies.





From clients:

"PerspectiveView was especially effective in listening to and understanding my teamís needs and developing a custom workshop that addressed our needs head-on. The workshop design that engaged us in discussion, observation, practice and feedback was very effective in helping my team to learn.  The role play sessions were key to understanding who really understood the material and grasped the new skill and who needed more help.  The one-on-one approach to role play created a safe environment where people could feel comfortable trying out new skills."

Rebecca K. Ross,
Director Marketing Communications,
Moen Inc.

"The instructor made a comfortable, fun learning environment and was not deterred by difficult questions, actually she answered all of them and made the listener understand. "








Our Company


Our bias at PerspectiveView is that effective skill training must be compatible with everyday work. We will donate consulting time to obtain information that helps our trainers deliver workshops using language, examples and situations, most appropriate to your business and culture.


Delivery Flexibility

Each workshop day is 7 hours long, which includes two 10-minute breaks and a 45-minute lunch. PerspectiveView recommends workshop hours be 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., but we will tailor workshop hours to best meet your business needs. PerspectiveView is flexible with start and end times.



For each workshop, PerspectiveView will provide workshop evaluations. We are continuously upgrading our workshops based on participant feedback. All the responses in the evaluations are compiled to create a "Workshop Evaluation Summary". The purpose of this summary is to ensure that employees who experience the training, find it valuable and applicable.


Assistance With Implementation

PerspectiveView will assist with the implementation of the workshop. This includes:

  • Communication of workshop's rollout and expectations to employees

  • Coaching management on their role



Pre-Work is part of the learning process. It gives participants a snapshot of the workshop they are about to attend and promotes critical thinking about their behaviors.


After The Workshop

PerspectiveView will consult with the client-contact after the workshop to discuss workshop evaluations and additional suggestions on how to integrate the skills taught.


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