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Delegating for Business:
Getting Results Through Others


Workshop Description

It happens all too often. We give others a project and a deadline. Yet, the work is not completed on time. Or, it is not done correctly. Or, even worse, it is not done at all! This workshop prevents negative outcomes and assures positive ones by acknowledging the fact that successful delegation depends on collaboration and, when necessary, problem solving. We learn how to: 1. Lead a discussion so that others clearly understand what we need from them; 2. Define the tools and information needed to get the job done; and 3. Recognize and discuss potential obstacles that could get in the way, and effective ways to follow up to ensure that steady progress is being made. This workshop teaches all the steps involved in successful delegation -- a process that protects and strengthens the working relationship we have with each individual.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn an effective way to delegate responsibilities in a collaborative manner

  • Lead a discussion so that others clearly understand what you need from them

  • Discuss potential impediments that could get in the way of you not getting what you need

  • Learn effective ways to follow up that ensures things will get done

  • Learn how to recognize individuals when they follow through


Prerequisite:  None


Number of Days:  One

Please contact Glenn Siebert at 440-572-5558 or Sales@PerspectiveView.com for a detailed outline of this workshop.



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