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Facilitation Skills for LEAN Events
Preparing and Leading LEAN Meetings


Workshop Description

Facilitation Skills is designed for those who coordinate and lead LEAN events. This workshop is specifically designed to help you deal with people problems encountered during LEAN activities. What it is not is a workshop to further your knowledge of manufacturing techniques, (tools and techniques) used during a LEAN event. Instead you will "sharpen the saw" in your ability to respond to the group's needs (as well as one-on-one with team members) with the intent to maintain or improve interactions. The ultimate goal is for you to have effective meetings and arrive at consensus. Throughout the workshop you will have opportunities to practice the skills being taught and modeled.  By practicing you will be one step closer to applying the skills at your next meeting.  And that's what matters most.

Workshop Objectives

  • Build confidence in the use of effective meeting leadership practices

  • Facilitate meetings to maximize participation and achieve desired outcomes

  • Create an environment where team members are free to express their concerns and discomforts openly

  • Learn how to balance listening and speaking during the art of facilitation (communication cycle)

  • Learn a four stage model to proactively manage resistance

  • Learn how to address a team member who is defiant in your meeting

  • Learn how to stay calm while addressing the problem

  • Use strategies to deal with difficult emotions that may arise during conflict

  • Learn to address and mediate conflict between two parties

  • During mediation, learn how to coach others on how to communicate when in conflict

  • Create an action plan for using effective meeting practices


Article:  "When LEAN participants are not on board with the agenda"


Prerequisite:  None


Number of Days:  2

Please contact Glenn Siebert at 440-572-5558 or Sales@PerspectiveView.com for a detailed outline of this workshop.



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