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"As a trainer myself, I have learned that the application of any tool is only 20% of the end result. It is all about the people skills of those who bring the lesson. Glenn and Paloma are an excellent team. Their different personalities truly model the lessons and pack the "one, two punch" that excellent training requires. You quickly determine that their training is based on a rich history of real life efforts and not the rehashing of "off the shelf" training by others."

-Rick Eberts,

"When the team got back to the office... after the training, they seemed pumped-up. In fact, I asked [a participant] how the meeting went and she responded with a smile and said 'very good!'. Thank you so much for honing in on the right skills to bring this team together. I know I made the right decision when selecting PerspectiveView and you."

-Sandy Paul,
Moen, Inc.

"Two of the best trainers I've had. Excellent communication skills and energy, especially for two full days. Both Paloma and Glenn are highly skilled and made everyone comfortable. The workshop was fun, interesting and invaluable for running better meetings. I recommend it to everyone in the organization."

"I always enjoy your training sessions. They are engaging, energetic, exciting and interesting.”

"Excellent class. Great instructors—holds the class attention & makes it enjoyable."

"You are excellent at getting people to open up, and you keep the schedule flowing well."


You’ve never met trainers like the ones from PerspectiveView.

The people from PerspectiveView who lead our Learning Dynamics workshops not only have outstanding credentials in adult education; they also have professional business experience gained by working in management positions at leading companies. They understand the challenges and frustrations your people experience every day. This empathy makes a big difference from the very moment these workshops begin.


I'm most productive when I set intentions prior to starting a task. I set intentions during the day to be clear, focused, graceful, productive, empathic, patient, etc. Intentions are a compass that help me succeed in achieving my goals.

Paloma Blanca
, Managing Partner and founder of PerspectiveView
, holds a B.S. degree in mathematics from the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan and an M.A. degree in applied psychology from the University of Santa Monica, California.  She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Paloma’s career started as a math researcher in the 70’s, continued as a systems engineer in the 80’s and has taken her to education and instruction of interpersonal communication in the 90’s.  She was born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and has designed and delivered training programs in both English and Spanish in the United States and in other countries.  Strongsville, Ohio is now her home where she lives with her husband, Glenn.


To be a successful leader you must build on your strengths, recognize your weaknesses and lead by example. Realize the importance of the role you play in the lives of others and use every opportunity to make a positive impact.

Tami Haberman

Tami Haberman
, Trainer and Facilitator for PerspectiveView™, holds a B.A. from American College for Applied Arts in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tami graduated Cum Laude from the American College for the Applied Arts in 1995. She worked as a visual merchandising manager for 5 years before being recruited into the wireless industry where she worked in site development as a co-location manager for Sprint/Nextel. Tami left the corporate world in 2000 to embark on a career in wellness, which was her lifelong passion. Currently, she is self-employed as a trainer and wellness coach. She does most of her work for the city of Strongsville, where she generates and implements corporate exercise programs for local businesses. She is also a certified yoga instructor and a full time mother of two.


An open mind is key to self-improvement, development and growth.  Be honest and kind to yourself and others.  Embrace your beliefs, and reserve the right to change your mind. 
Enjoy life.  Be happy.

Lara Proegler, Trainer, Facilitator, Workshop Manager and Web Master for PerspectiveView, holds a B.B.A. in business from Eastern Michigan University, Michigan. 

Lara started her career in sales as a District Manager for a national payroll company.  From sales, she moved into marketing, developing and producing marketing packages as the Marketing Manager for a Commercial Real Estate company.  More recently, working for Fortune Brands, she led projects for sales, marketing and technical branches. In her sixteen-year career she has become an expert at facilitating meetings, crafting adult education classes, managing the installation of workshops and web design. She has delivered interpersonal skills training and technical training for multi-faceted professional audiences. In addition to training, she enjoys sports, arts & crafts and her family.


Appreciate the little things. Find the time. Listen first. Don't assume. Say what you mean. Learn something new. Forgive. Accept self, then others. Be grateful. Be a teacher. Give thanks.

Glenn Siebert, Managing Partner and co-founder of PerspectiveView, holds a B.A. in education from Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee and an M.A. in applied psychology from University of Santa Monica, California.

Glenn has served as a trainer, sales manager, and national training manager in a career spanning over 30 years.  He spends most of his time selling, but finds time to keep his training skills sharp by delivering some of the workshops he sells.  “I love the work I do.  The attributes of a quality trainer – integrity, genuineness and sincerity – are the qualities of the salesperson I strive to be.”


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