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What Clients have to say about our training

  • Good activities

  • Productive peer feedback and role-play

  • Loved every bit of class

  • Interaction and positive energy throughout group and participants

  • Useful breakout sessions

  • Helpful presenting review

  • Relevant and productive role-playing

  • Able to create a development plan

  • Exercises from start to finish built upon each other that was great


Our Clients

  • Akro-Mils

  • Buckhorn Rubber Products, Inc.

  • Dairy Farmers of America

  • Dillon Products

  • Energizer

  • Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland

  • Lincoln Electric

  • Lubrizol Corporation

  • Mercury Insurance

  • Moen, Inc.

  • Myers Industries, Inc.

  • Nationwide Insurance

  • Ohio Extended Care Centers

  • Progressive Insurance

  • Wek Industries


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