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Selling & Buying Styles:
Influencing According to Style PreferencesTRACOM


Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to help salespeople build better sales relationships when face-to-face with customers. Driven by the concept of emotional intelligence (E.Q.), participants learn a set of behaviors proven to reduce interpersonal tension. With less tension between seller and buyer the sales interview will be more productive. Emotional intelligence initially focused on awareness of oneself and awareness of others’ emotions. This workshop turns such awareness into meaningful action. One of the most practical tools of E.Q. is Versatility (social endorsement). In a practical sense, it means learning to get in sync with the buyer. Salespeople practice flexing their selling style to match the customer’s buying preferences. During the session, participants receive a personalized Social Style Profile that includes both a self-perception score and feedback from customers, co-workers and his or her sales manager. They learn that there is no best style. Instead, sales reps explore what it means to earn “endorsement” in sales situations. Having endorsement means tensions are reduced during the sales process. These interpersonal sales strategies are designed to create win-win relationships with customers and increase the odds of closing more business and increasing sales.

Workshop Objectives

  • Increase sales by learning to observe and recognize the behavioral style of the customer

  • Learn to sell to others the way that others wish to be sold

  • Learn how the customer views your selling style

  • Create a favorable impression with prospects and customers

  • Develop appropriate sales strategies based on customer preferences and buying patterns

  • Learn a sales path that accommodates all customer styles

  • Learn to flex your selling style to manage tension and accommodate others

  • Recognize how interpersonal stress affects each behavioral style and what you can do about it


Prerequisite:  None


Number of Days:  Two

Please contact Glenn Siebert at 440-572-5558 or Sales@PerspectiveView.com for a detailed outline of this workshop.


A link to additional information: http://www.socialstyle.com

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