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Skills For Sales Professionals:
Consultative Selling


Workshop Description

This practice-driven workshop incorporates emotional intelligence skills training (E.Q.) with consultative sales training. Soft skills do yield hard sales results. The best ďsellingĒ boils down to effective communication. People often make buying decisions based on how salespeople treat them, how well a salesperson understands their needs and how persuasively a salesperson positions solutions. This workshop is designed to teach sales and communications skills that enable salespeople to sell with a focus on what benefits the prospect. It is intended for individuals who want to improve their sales performance by understanding the four stages in consultative selling: build, discover, sell and close. Both experienced and inexperienced salespeople benefit from this workshop because it is designed specifically to develop and improve a salespersonís listening, questioning, and presenting skills. In todayís highly competitive market, much of a sales professionalís success depends on these skills. For example, poor listening translates into missed opportunities, alienated prospects and lost profits. More than half the workshop is devoted to practicing these interpersonal skills; this ensures participants leave the workshop ready to apply these communication and sales skills immediately.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn how to listen so you understand and respond to the prospectís point of view

  • Learn how to build, develop and maintain sales relationships

  • Guided by the "P4" questioning process (profile, problem, penalty and payoff), learn how to target questions that solicit critical information from the prospect

  • Learn how to position your product or service in a way that meets the need(s) of your customer

  • Learn how to present your product or service, one-on-one and to groups, in a manner that enhances your credibility and supports the solutions you propose

  • Learn how to persuade in a way that creates readiness to buy

  • Learn how to handle objections by supporting the relationship and ensuring you answer the prospectís real concerns

  • Learn to ask for a prospectís decision and know how to ask for it

Prerequisite:  None


Number of Days:  Three

Please contact Glenn Siebert at 440-572-5558 or Sales@PerspectiveView.com for a detailed outline of this workshop.


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