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Survival Skills For Trainers:
The Art of "Tell-Show-Do-Apply"


Workshop Description

This workshop allows company trainers to know what PerspectiveView™ workshop facilitators know: how to organize their material as well as use visual aids, body language and voice to support their teaching points. This workshop teaches trainers ways to keep training interactive and participatory to assure that participants stay attentive and focused. (It's a fact that every 30 to 90 seconds, people lose concentration!) Best of all, they have the opportunity to practice and master Learning Dynamics techniques that have been proven and perfected by PerspectiveView™ in over forty years of use. This “Tell-Show-Do-Apply” methodology does more than teach new skills, it actually produces the desired behavioral changes in the workplace.


Workshop Objectives

  • Enrich your training by demonstrating the skills

  • Help participants get the most out of demonstrations and practices

  • Set up clear skill practices

  • Facilitate debriefing process

  • Learn methods to help participants integrate new skills and behaviors

  • Ask questions that get participants to take the skills back to their job

  • Develop confidence and diminish distractions by using the body language of presenting

  • Develop visual aids (transparencies, flip charts, slides) that help participants get the most out of teaching

  • Organize your presentation in a simple way that persuades, stimulates comprehension and helps retention

  • Practice delivering a teaching presentation

Prerequisite:  None


Number of Days:  Two

Please contact Glenn Siebert at 440-572-5558 or Sales@PerspectiveView.com for a detailed outline of this workshop.



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