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A Philosophy

Before speaking, ask yourself:
(1) is what I'm about to say true?
(2) is it necessary that I say it?
(3) can I say it in a kind manner?



Policies and Guidelines


Billing Policy

Client will be billed within fifteen (15) calendar days after the workshop or service. PerspectiveView requests payment within 30 days after billing date.


Cancellation Policy

Penalties for postponement or cancellation of scheduled workshops:

  • 30 days (1 month) prior to scheduled date: no penalty

  • Between 29 and 15 days: Client is charged for 100% of participant materials

  • Between 14 days and the day of the workshop: Client is charged the above (100% of participant materials) plus 50% of the trainer fee



In order to create a safe learning environment for participants, PerspectiveView’s trainers will not divulge any conversations participants share in the workshop.


Evaluation of Participants

Generally, PerspectiveView’s trainers do not evaluate participants on their level of proficiency. However, if there is sufficient time to notify participants that they will be evaluated, PerspectiveView will work with the client to determine areas of evaluation. 



PerspectiveView’s trainers are not responsible for moving equipment, furniture or carrying boxes.


Travel Expenses

PerspectiveView can deliver workshops outside the Cleveland Metropolitan area. Traveling expenses include: coach air fare, hotel accommodations, meals, ground travel (car rental, taxi, etc.) and are the responsibility of the client.


Workshop Hours

A one-day workshop is seven (7) hours long and includes a 45-minute lunch break. PerspectiveView tailors workshop hours to best meet your business needs.


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